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Developer FAQ

Which files do I have to include in my project?

This completely depends on your license (source code, native shared library, managed plugin for .NET). You can find general information in the Library Reference section.

You should have received more detailed information together with your trial or fully licensed version.

Are there any runtime files I have to deploy?

If you're using our source code version or a static library, no. However, if you're using a plugin version or a different shared build, you'll have to make sure to include the native library based on your target platform (e.g. Dynamic Link Library for Windows, Shared Object for Linux/Unix). You do not have to provide any additional data or meta data files.

Are there any additional support files or documents I have to deploy?

In general, no, but based on your license you might have to provide a short note about using the Grammar Engine. For more details, please refer to your license agreement.

Is the library thread safe?

As of time of this writing, our Grammar Engine is not thread safe to avoid unnecessary overhead. Accessing the library from multiple threads should work without issues, but you should implement proper safeguards to avoid any side-effects, since there are a few internal states changing during processing.

We're having issues with wrong declension. May I add new rules?

If you've purchased a source code license, you'll typically also obtain an additional support contract covering required changes, bug fixes, etc. You shouldn't try to modify the code on your own as it might have unintentional side effects.

Am I entitled to updated versions?

Please refer to your license agreement. Updates are typically covered in your support contract.

Can I use additional languages on my end while waiting for an updated library with support for these?

Yes, absolutely! If you request any language your version of the Grammer Engine doesn't support – either due to support not existing or due to you not having licensed this language yet – the systems will fall back to the basic English ruleset, which should work just fine for most basic use cases. Keep in mind that this might cause English articles, prepositions, or declensions to appear for the time being.

Feel free to contact us, if you need new languages.

Should I tag names entered by players? If so, how?

You'll most likely want to tag them. If you can associate any gender with them, try tagging them as Mx or Fx, if you want them to have a gender, but you don't want declension being applied to names. If you only use M or F instead, adjectives in player names might be declined, if necessary.

My question isn't answered. Help?

Should you have any questions or encounter any issues while implementing, evaluating, or using the Grammar Engine, feel free to drop us a line at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Last update: January 7, 2020